Sustainability Efforts

Ditching Disposable Cups for Sustainable Ones

Initiative for a Greener Race

With HydraPak’s support and partnership, the La Jolla Half Marathon will eliminate disposable cups and transition to HydraPak’s reusable SpeedCup. By making this change, our half marathon will be one of the first larger-scale road races to take this eco-conscious step.

We are thrilled to set the standard in our industry and inspire others to do the same. By leading the way, we help road races everywhere strive for excellence and positively impact their communities.

The Truth About Disposable Paper Cups

We have become a throwaway society, opting for disposable convenience, which is prevalent in how we eat and drink.

Here are a few things to get you thinking:

  • The standard polyethylene-lined paper cup takes about 20 years to decompose because the plastic inside the cup used to keep it from leaking is not recyclable.
  • The process of manufacturing paper cups isn’t great for the environment. 20 million trees are cut down every year to produce the 16 billion paper cups we use each year.
Sustainability Efforts

Ditching the disposable for… a reusable Cup

What does it mean and how will I stay hydrated?

We will be working to eliminate disposable cups on our race course, saving tens of thousands of cups from being tossed. Instead, every runner will receive a Limited Edition La Jolla Half Marathon HydraPak SpeedCup.

These lightweight and collapsible cups are designed for easy carrying and can be used on course to stay hydrated. You can also carry your own hydration, whether it’s a hand-held, hydration vest, or a belt. You have many stainable choices, including the reusable cup we will give you.

How will I fill my cup?

We will have highly staffed water stations on our race course, featuring fast-dispensing hydration systems that allow runners to quickly fill up their SpeedCups or other hydration container. Additional volunteers will be available to assist with filling and providing water as well as electrolyte drinks.

Will you still have cups?

Your safety and hydration are our top priority. All aid stations will still have replacement cups for those who need them. We hope you will join us in our effort to become a more sustainable race.

What if I lose my cup during the race?

What if I lose my cup during the race? No problem. We have extra cups at every water station. Just stay to the right and look for spare cups on the tables.

What if I forget my cup?

What if I forget my cup in my car, hotel room, or at home? We will have extra cups at the starting lines around the same-day registration tables. Just ask a volunteer. We will also remind all runners before the race starts to make sure they have their cups—and, of course, their bibs!

Do I have to carry water?

Do I have to carry any water? No way! This isn’t anything like that. Although some runners do like to carry their own hydration, and we support that, this new feature is about the water stations serving water in your own personal cup instead of a ton of disposable cups we’ve pre-filled and put on tables.

Are you eliminating water stations?

Are you eliminating any water stations? Nope! Our race is known for having more water stations than usual. We have water at both starting lines, ten total water stations along the course, and tons of water at the finish area. We also have port-o-potties at all the same locations!

Will this slow me down?

Will this slow me down? Nope! We will have a demo at the Expo festival on Friday so you can see the setup at each water station. We have giant water towers that dispense water into self-service dispensers that you run right up to, and it takes 1-2 seconds to fill a cup so you can take off down the course.

We also have tons of support volunteers with big quick-pour pitchers that will be easy to spot if you want to aim at one of them as you enter a water station. Keep in mind, a lot of runners, in the middle and back of the pack, tend to walk a bit through water stations, so you’ll still have to navigate around people who may stop in front of you to walk, so pick a lane as you approach each water station, and look for an empty dispenser and/or a volunteer!!

To ensure our transition to your hydration is seamless, we have taken additional steps:

  • HydraPak SpeedCup – All runners will receive a limited edition SpeedCup at bib pickup.
  • Enhanced On-Course Hydration Stations – La Jolla Half Marathon prides itself on having over ten hydration stations on course, each staffed with a crew of highly trained volunteers ready to keep you hydrated and on course to the finish line in record time.
  • Race Day Support – HydraPak athletes and team members will be at packet pickup to hand out SpeedCups and provide additional information. They will be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Ongoing Communication – We’ll share additional communications, and videos.


To get fluids on the course use the SpeedCup we provided or a hydration system of your own (handheld bottle, hydration pack, etc..).

You can fill up yourself at the high speed dispenser or have a volunteer pour water or Gatorade into your vessel.

No! Feel free to use any hydration system of your choice but you can keep your HydraPak SpeedCup to use at home or other races. In addition, HydraPak will have their new handhelds available for sale right next to packet pickup.

Yes please! This cup is intended to be used over and over again. Use it on future runs or even take it camping or hiking!

The SpeedCup™ is designed to be lightweight, easy to hold, and collapsible so it can be tucked almost anywhere. See all the ways you can carry it below. In addition to this, HydraPak will be at packet pickup to demonstrate how to carry it.

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How to Carry a SpeedCup

The SpeedCup™ is designed to be lightweight, easy to hold, and collapsible so it can be tucked almost anywhere

Sustainability Efforts Reusable Cups


Collapse or fold the cup and tuck it in your short, belt or pack pocket.

Sustainability Efforts Reusable Cups


Use a mini carabiner to clip the cup to your belt, pack or bra strap.

Sustainability Efforts Reusable Cups


Tuck in arm sleeve, compression shorts or stash in your sports bra.

Sustainability Efforts Reusable Cups


Use the finger loop to carry the cup in your hand.